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Choosing the Right Tattoo Academy in Florida: What to Look for

Tattooing is an art form that has been practiced since antiquity and is becoming increasingly popular. If you want to work in this burgeoning industry, you should consider attending a tattoo academy to acquire the greatest training available. With so many options available, it might be difficult to determine which tattoo academy to pick, so here are some qualities to consider while selecting the one that is best for you.

There’s a lot of debate around whether tattoos are an art form or not, but everyone seems to agree that it takes some serious skill to do them properly. In light of this, you will want your artist to have the best education and credentials available. Verify that they hold one of the following three certifications: Certified Tattoo Artist (CTA), Registered Tattoo Artist (RTA), or Certified Professional Tattooist (CPT). These credentials verify that artists have obtained at least 150 hours of training from a qualified teacher, giving you peace of mind when choose who will work on your body.

A meeting with each of your teachers is a must. Speak with prior students to get a sense of how effectively they can use their knowledge in the real world. You might not be ready for tattoos if you do not feel comfortable addressing these questions to your potential professors. If you do not feel comfortable asking these questions of your potential professors, it might be a clue that you are not ready for tattoos yet! You should also ensure that your instructors speak at your level; if you are just starting out, you should not be learning alongside someone who have been practicing for years. When you do enroll in a program, pay attention in class and speak to your teacher right away if anything seems strange or unclear.

All of the artists at a reputable tattoo academy will be using cutting-edge tools. You’ll also want to see examples of each student’s portfolio before signing up. While you do not have to examine their complete portfolio, seeing at least one example of their work might give you an indication of their skill level and style.

The location of the school and its closeness to your home or workplace are critical considerations. If you travel a lot, proximity will mean more. You do not want it too far away from home, but you also do not want it so near that it takes over your life. Research is essential here, so visit any school before determining whether it is appropriate for you. Some schools provide facility tours. It is always interesting to observe where you would be spending so much time.

It is a recipe for disaster to hire a tattoo artist who has no experience or is just out of school. Verify how long they have been in operation and that they are a current member of a professional organization like AATG. Inquire about their training, style, and method, since each artist adds their unique flavor to whatever they do. Additionally, find out if they have any contacts for recommendations. Good tattooists are proud of their work and will be happy to show it off.

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